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Terms & Conditions of advertising on this site

1. The owner of this web site (Colin Birch/CF-UK) accepts no responsibility whatsoever for adverts placed on this site

2. The web hosts accepts no responsibility whatsoever for adverts placed on this site


4. Adverts MUST be BEDFORD related.

5. You MUST include a VALID email address in your advert. Before your advert can appear online you will be sent an email with a verify link to click on. If you enter an incorrect email your advert won't be verified and won't go online

6. Adverts will remain on the site for a sixty two (62) days. After this period the advert will be automatically removed.

7. If for some reason I have to remove your advert you will NOT be informed.

8. It is the advertisers responsibility to check the advert

9. If you sell or buy what you are advertising you must delete the advert. You can do this by clicking on the 'Update/delete Advert' button

10. This service is provided free of charge. You MUST NOT charge a third party for any adverts placed on this site on their behalf.

11. If you buy anything from this site and it breaks/falls apart/dies/runs over your cat or if you sell something and the buyers cheque bounces/does a runner without paying/runs off with your wife etc. don't come running to me, I only run the web site :-P

12. Please don't email me to ask me to remove/alter your advert. You can log in and update/delete your own advert at any time.

13. No links to Ebay adverts.

14. This web site is run in my spare time so please don't expect miracles

15. There is no number 15 :-)

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