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Martin norman From Boston Lincolnshire at 9:59:20 Sunday June 03 2018
I've just acquired a camper van ! Was gonna break or sell complete ! Would there be any intrest in it cheers martin! 07919920182

Julie at 14:43:21 Wednesday January 27 2016
Great site - loved seeing the Dormobile
We drove overland from UK to India in one in 1973
Great memories
Thanks for the brochures too - helped me find "ours"

PJ Kiely From Limerick , Ireland at 11:58:35 Saturday January 25 2014
Hi All,
My mate Stewart and i have just acquired a 1983 2.3 diesel CF motorhome. It is in reasonable shape but needs work. If any of you have parts of any kind to sell, then please contact us. The wings are shot but it is mostly intact. I look forward to posting photos on here as soon as i have some

Sarah From Wirral at 9:02:10 Monday November 18 2013
It would be helpful if like other websites there was a navigation bar on the pages as it is a pain to keep back clicking or trying to remember the tabs

Glad you exist though

I bought my first CF Bedford van a few weeks ago and also have a Debonair

Colin Peters From Bradford West Yorkshire at 16:22:50 Tuesday February 28 2012
I've just bought my first ever Bedford CF 1986 motorhome and I am really pleased that there is a website such as this where we can all swap ideas and help each other out.

thomas lowden From CUMBRIA at 20:41:43 Wednesday February 22 2012

malc gill From lnincolnshire at 13:30:28 Wednesday December 28 2011
hi everybody just joined the bedford cf club we have just bought a 33 year old cf and we love her ,we have not gave her a name yet but will do malc & sue

boo at 22:21:50 Monday August 31 2009
Just bough one so let\'s hope it\'s a good one!

jon beech From Stoke on Trent at 23:11:19 Sunday August 23 2009
just found the site by chance ,like many others i imagine. I am still runing two CFs both work for a living one is a 250D van the other is a 350D tipper which still works very hard on building maintanance.Its good to know there are others out there who still respect these very capable work horses. Some people think i am mad using these vehicles ,but i didnt pay much for them they work hard dont cost a lot to run . A smart well maintaned vehicle speaks volumes about a business ...... and the best bit they go up in value ! i would say that was a win win situation So thanks for the site i am pleased i am not the only one out there JON

Anastasios Katsandris From Greece, Salonica at 22:22:55 Thursday June 25 2009
Hallo lads,I knew there might be a site for Bedfords,especialy CFs, in UK.But what a surprise for the others!Anyway, good motoring or should say bedfording, I\'ll be around; I have a CF230D camper secondhand(or third-who knows?)of uncertain model year.Again,keep up the good work.

Douglas Gourlay From Fife, Scotland at 22:28:14 Sunday April 12 2009
We have just bought a 1979 CF Adventura coachbuilt motorhome, 2.3 petrol with 4 speed gearbox, 72000 miles from new and although MOT\'d and taxed, is needing plenty TLC.
Found your side on a google search. The internet is a great place, and this site was a find, I\'ll be joining up to get some advice and tips, hopefully you are all a friendly bunch.

john shilton From Kenilworth Warwickshire at 19:50:53 Tuesday October 28 2008
Just brought my first Bedford CF250, What fun fun to drive certainly not fast but who cares its like going back in time, just been down to dawlish for weekend and we both enjoyed the van.
Now i joined this club i have found this site really infomative keep up the good work 10/10

Shaun Medlin From Newbury, Berkshire at 22:37:40 Monday April 07 2008
I am about to become the owner of a 1980 Bedford CF250 CI coachbuilt Motor home and was wondering if anybody has got any info on this model ?

KEITH SOWERBY From HARTLEPOOL at 20:44:19 Tuesday February 26 2008

d kenyon From northumberland near newcastle at 20:45:08 Sunday January 20 2008
hi its nice to see such a great interest in bedford vans i worked on these in the seventys and am now doing a restoration on a 1974 1600 autosleeper its been hard but im getting there cant wait to get it on the road all the best dave

Tony&Carol From Surrey at 14:36:09 Thursday September 27 2007
Fantastic site!, nothing like the good old Bedfords, just got a 1985 cf ambulance 3.3litre its not been done out No sink or cooker etc nice though anyway found your site and boy relieved Ive been thinking of selling not now!

Mike Hambleton From Windsor at 21:10:33 Friday September 21 2007
Found the site easily, great content, very informative, had a CF250 works van in \'86, a diesel.

Keep up the good work on the site.

Mike H.

mario oliveira From EXETER DEVO. N at 20:33:27 Monday September 10 2007
graet site. for many years i was thinking, i was the only one mad abuot bedford vans . keep it up|||

Long Juan From Nanning, Guangxi, PR China. at 10:43:23 Tuesday August 14 2007
Great site, nothing like the good old Bedfords, i got interisted in the Bedford 4x4 van, does any one know why they were not mass produced and exported because to me they would be \" the duck\'s nuts\" to have as a work horse or the van as a off road camper / party van,

Robyn Daniels From Herts/Essex borders at 17:56:22 Saturday August 04 2007
Just bought my first Bedford CF2 campervan and find the website a GODSEND for imformation (thanks you guys for sorting out tyre pressures query for me) and am looking forward to meeting fellow owner/enthusiasts over the web and at meets; also pleased to find so many fellow Welshmen/women on site.

Joseph Franell From Eagle Point, Oregon, USA at 3:44:19 Sunday July 15 2007
Great site. I just bought a Bedford Electric Griffon and appreciate all of the info that you have made available. I am in the US and am excited about restoring the Griffon. Thank you for putting together such a nice site.

Best regards,


Jeff Brackenbury From Grimsby at 11:25:02 Tuesday June 19 2007
Thank you for all your help true team sprit Jeff

Eric M Shaw From Mexborough, South Yorkshire. at 16:01:03 Saturday June 16 2007
Hi. Just found this site and enjoyed browsing. I have recently purchased a 1984 Bedford 350 Ambulance converted into a 2 berth motorhome. I was informed by the previous owner that it had been a training vehicle for ambulance drivers and had never been used for emergency\'s. Currently preparing for MOT and looking for a workshop manual. Engine was originally petrol but has been changed to 2.3 diesel with 5 speed box. Seems to drive Ok but need to change Radius arm bushes, (o\\s), have injector pump refurbished or buy reconditioned, tedious but necessary work.

karl From hungerford at 22:01:40 Monday February 19 2007
Great site, which i am sure will prove to be invaluable to me as i begin my first beddy love affair this coming weekend !

Look forward to meeting up with others on this forum over the coming months, although i do spend a lot of time working at fairs and shows over the summer so not too many visited for pleasure !

Keep up the good work


Ben / Sandra Langley. From Harwich, Essex, England. at 0:56:38 Friday February 09 2007
Hi there everyone, what a great site, packed full of very interesting and varied subjects all about the Bedford CF. I have been a mechanic all my life,
and sites like this are a great source of technical and practical help,even though I only joined this site today, I have learnt a few things already!!!.
We have two CF campers, both Advantura`s, one is a CF 250,2.3 petrol,4 speed,
1981, the other is a CF 350,2.3 GM diesel,4 speed(filipino box--this is coming
out,5 speed overdrive ZF going in).This camper is undergoing a lot of repairs.
hopefully this site will enable me to find the spares I need.Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great site. BUY BRITISH, BUY BEDFORD!!!!!!!!!.

Martin Breen From Daisy Hill ,Queensland , Australia at 6:17:40 Sunday December 03 2006
how great it is to find this site! I was a bit apprehensive when I was offered a 1976 CFS 350 Bedford with a Millard Campervan on its back. Its great to see so many still being used around the world and will restore mine with confidence. While my restoration will be minor, compared to the hours others have put into their motor homes! Hope to talk to some of you as time passes.
To everyone, take care and enjoy! Life is too short1

Peter C Mattson From Milford Haven pembrokeshire at 18:28:00 Saturday November 25 2006
Have just found your site and am looking forward to using it as soon as possible. Have just aquired a 1982 motor home. This site will be invaluable and is a very good idea.
Thanks. Pete.

kEn Smith From Totland Bay , Isle of Wight at 21:43:03 Friday November 17 2006
Great site,in my 70\'s and now cosidering buying a CF camper,lot cheaper than VW,will be back for spares etc: I\'m on the Isle of Wight and it will come in handy when visiting relatives on the mainland.

peter plumber From Milford Haven. Pembrokeshire at 19:12:29 Friday November 17 2006
I have just purchased my bedford 1982 cf2 and have found this site, thankfully.
I will be using it more often when I get to know how to use it and get more time I will become a member.

Thanks peter plumber

Jeff morris From Featherston, New Zealand at 13:16:08 Monday November 06 2006
Thank you so much for providing this website. I am looking at buying a CF and this has been very helpfull in explaining the details of each model. Thanks to you I now know what I\'m looking at, and have bid on a CF2/280.

michelle lacy From west midlands at 22:41:43 Wednesday November 01 2006

LAURIE From nottingham at 15:19:10 Friday October 27 2006
Hi spexxyboy here, just got a 1976 cf ambulance 2litre its been done out sink cooker etc nice though needs head gasket, anyway found your site and boy reliefe ive been thinking of selling not now.All in all youve not heard the last of me im over the moon ,Thanx folx and heres to a long and helpfull relationship.

Murray Mitchell From The Netherlands at 8:49:26 Tuesday July 25 2006
A wonderfully useful place. Still exploring

Pascal Lampire From FRANCE (Paris) at 22:33:27 Thursday May 18 2006
Hello.It\'s a nice website,with a lot of good information for my old CF350 motorhome Aristocrat 1980. In August,we going in holliday from France to Portugal via Spain. Good running at all!

richard read From norflk suffolk boarder at 21:32:33 Saturday May 13 2006
thanks very much for a helpfull site as i have just purchased a cf ci camper and needed to get information about the model.

Bill&Sue From Dover at 13:26:10 Tuesday January 17 2006
Just bought a Bedford CF 1985 or should I say Beddy, bit rusty in places and solid in others. It is our first Camper, like lots of people had a look for VDub\'s but soon learnt that they our over priced for what you get.
So for the price we paid we our very happy. May try and contact some of you guys to pick your brains if (when) I get stuck.
Our planning to get to the Bedford fest at Aug bank holiday.
See Ya

Johnas From Sweden at 17:57:27 Tuesday January 03 2006
Hello! lovely Cf site!
Im a wery pleased swedish cf 350 owner !
It is an autotransporter with a dipped flat alloy loading deck at the rear,
the engine and the gearbox is replaced with an volvo 740 glt B230 4 cylinder gasoline engine and a fourspeed gearbox with overdrive (a very common trade in sweden) and the rear has got a ring and pinion for hi speed from a van.
i also have air suspension from American Ride Rite installed for a softer ride
it has been in great services for many years but lately it has been rather difficult to find spares in sweden

Sarah From Western Australia at 15:48:41 Saturday November 26 2005
Hi there! lovely to see some gorgeous CFs and CF owners out and about. I\'m australian. We used to have a web based Bedford User Group but it seems to have dropped out of the radar lately. I\'ve got a 1976 CF with all Holden motor and gearbox, she goes like the clappers! Recently we took her around Australia, which shattered the (already shattered) tie rod ends. Parts are very hard to find here. She\'s had the first wheel alignment in a long long time and now drives in a straight line! Cor! Just got the front end replaced and she\'s a new tank. On the same I day I also found puffy pink perspex windows for the back doors. I think it will go brilliant with the Dulux \'Dutch Iris\". We lived in this car for months, I\'ve driven the kids to school in her for five years now. I keep thinking I should upgrade to a Tarago or something and be a proper Mum but...???!! I just love her. She\'s the best....Sarah

Roger From Pukekohe New Zealand at 8:38:27 Wednesday October 19 2005
My Pride and joy is Ambling Ambo an 87 CF with a 202 Holden and a trimatic box, the body a heavy figlass ambulance with a raised roof,all the usual gear including a long range petrol tank found at Hamilton NZ via this site!
goes well,sucks gas and likes to stop slowly she is Im sure better as a camper than an ambulance,great site thanks from Pukekohe NZ

Ernie From norfolk uk at 18:16:11 Saturday August 06 2005
great site very useful indeed .

honest john From north yorkshire at 21:38:38 Thursday August 04 2005
spot on great members no hoyty toyty types ,good old down to earth . i used to be a vw camper mad man but not a patch on the beddie im a convert, this site has made a big difference to my bedford ownership cheers and welldone for an execellent site john

wullie davidson From stirling scotland at 17:39:20 Thursday July 14 2005
i stumbled across this site by accident and found it very informative and interesting and a joy joy to see the cfs i loved as a boy now ive got one myself a pioneer in great condition

Jim Curtis From Palmerston North. N.Z at 5:49:42 Tuesday July 05 2005
What A great site. I've enjoyed looking through it

john wheeler (spinner) From bradford west riding of yokshire at 0:10:06 Tuesday February 08 2005
exelent, thanks will be coming back to see the rest, also the steam trains in moor detail. particualy liked the amrican comments where's wales don't think i'll ask a question about bedfords this time. spinner.

Michael Lawton From Crewe, cheshire at 18:33:39 Monday January 24 2005
Thanks for a great informative site, being a CF virgin who has recently purchased one(2 days ago) this site has been fantastic, in helping make my decision on what to buy. And it turns out my new motor already apears in the gallery, Helga. Again may thanks and maybe i'll see you at future events who knows. Mike

ALAN MURPHY From IRELAND at 19:30:18 Wednesday January 12 2005

Bernie Foster From London (SE) at 17:05:45 Saturday December 11 2004
Found the site quite interesting, especially as i have just purchased a Cf Motorhome (1980) Advantura.

ian From Towoomba, QLD, Australia at 10:14:26 Sunday December 05 2004
I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos of other peoples CF,s. I have a 1976 CF which has been converted to a camper.Seeing some of the ideas other owners have used on their vehicles it has given me some food for thought.thank you.

Carmelo Costa From Pieta` Malta at 17:54:30 Tuesday November 09 2004
My son owns a Bedford CF van and it had proved to be an economical work horse. He has changed the 3 gear gearbox to a four gear one and has seen very little mantainance since he bought it.

Sean & Gina From New Zealand at 22:19:43 Sunday October 31 2004
We have just become the proud owners of Vinnie, a beautifully converted 84 van. Great to see there are other people out there as crazy about these vans as we are!Vinnie is our home for the next 6 months as we travel round New Zealand, and we cant wait to get out there with him.

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